Contract to Close

We have a ratified contract!! Now what?

I am very hands-on and will keep you posted along the way! I track the schedule, staying in constant contact with the buyer’s agent to make sure everything is running as scheduled.

The buyer will schedule the inspections (home, termite and/or radon). You will have to approve the day and time. An inspector will come into your home and inspect your home from top to bottom including all appliances and services. This process takes about two-three hours.

The buyer will choose the settlement attorney. They will co-ordinate a time that works for everyone. The attorney will contact you directly with anything they need.

If the buyer obtains a loan for the purchase of your home an appraiser will come to your home. They will need access to your home and you will verify the day and time. Once the appraisal is submitted to the mortgage company the loan goes to underwriting.

While the mortgage company is going through their process, the attorney takes care of the title work.

You will also need to call your utility providers to cancel your services as of the settlement date.

A week prior to closing we will get the “Clear to Close” from the mortgage lender.

While all of this is going on you will start your moving process – packing and arranging for movers.