It is a seller’s market for sure!  Inventory is low plus Lewes and Rehoboth are very sought after towns for so many reasons (see previous blog post).  The last home I listed just a few days ago was under contract in ONE DAY!  First agent who got in, put in an offer!  I put it in the MLS as “Coming Soon” as a tease knowing folks would start looking at it and I had agents calling right away.  I could not get the “Active” button pressed soon enough.  I didn’t even have time for my professional photographer to get in there so I just went ahead and pressed the “Active” button at the request of many agents chomping at the bit for their buyers.  The first agent did a FaceTime with his clients and he called me right after and told me I had an offer coming that very night, his clients loved it and wanted it!  I had a few showings still scheduled while I waited for the last set of initials and lo and behold I got another call from an agent asking that I call him if this offer falls through.  

The listing I had just before this one went under contract in TWO DAYS!  It is a great time to get your home on the market ASAP if you are thinking about selling.  I figured this would happen once they lifted the COVID ban on showing homes.  People were sitting at home, scrolling the internet, missing the beach and all it has to offer, sellers were tidying up their homes while stuck at home so as soon as the ban lifted, BOOM, the floodgates opened.

It does take some planning and marketing to make this magically happen.  I advise sellers on what to do to make their home sell quickly and at top dollar.  I market the home strategically to get it sold.  I love what I do, I really do, it is fun for me.  My sellers take my advice to get it on the market then I tell them to sit back and let me handle the rest!  READY, SET, SELL!