Why New-Construction Home Buyers Need Representation

  • I look our for YOUR interest. Builders and their sales representatives do NOT represent YOU, they represent the builder.
  • I make sure you see the full range of new and existing homes on the market, not just the builder’s community.
  • I will describe the workings of the building process, how it works, and what to expect.
  • I will review the builder contract with you.
  • I will review the community rules and regulations with you to make sure it suits your needs.
  • I can point out pros and cons of property features, a neighborhood, or location that the sales representative may not mention.
  • I don’t represent one builder or sub-division. My advice is objective, focused on finding the right home for YOU, not selling you a particular community.
  • If you are out-of-town I can send you videos as progress is made.
  • I can help you ensure quality control by helping you schedule independent inspections.

When you buy new construction, the builder is considered the seller, and the agent representing the builder is called the builder's agent. The builder’s agent will always have the builder's best interest in mind, wanting to get the highest price for the home and not so eager to negotiate down.

When buying new construction, you might miss out on the following if you stick with the builder’s agent:

  • Negotiating extras: Want upgrades?  Also, I can negotiate some of the typical builder fees.
  • Recommending financing: A builder will usually have a “preferred” lender.  I can help make sure that you’re getting the mortgage that works best for your situation.  Shopping around is always wise, and you don’t want the builder’s agent pressuring you into using their suggested lender unless it’s right for you.
  • Overseeing a home inspection: If you are out of town and cannot make some of the inspections I have used video with my clients.  I can visit the site throughout the process to and take videos and pictures.