The Showing Process

Now that your home is about to go live in the MLS it is time for showings! In the MLS I will note the showing instructions for the other agents to abide by - how much lead time you would like, where the lock box is, and any other special instructions. I will set it up through a service called SHOWINGTIME. Someone from SHOWINGTIME will call or text you (however you want to have me set it up) with the requested time an agent would like to show your home. You will either confirm the suggested showing or suggest a time for that is better for you. Typically, agents will enter with a key card via a lock box. It is preferred that you are not home during an agent showing. Make sure your valuables are locked and safe. It is a good idea to let the buyer roam freely and discuss your home with their agent. They should leave a card and once back at their computer they will provide feedback which I will share with you. If you happen to be at home and someone comes make sure the agent identifies him/herself and leaves a card.